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A General Manager of one of the associations formed between Pdvsa and and third, with more than 28 years of service in Venezuela’s state oil sent us the note published below, unedited, or correct, which presents firsthand the reality actual operational area

During 28 years in the industry I have not seen such massive destruction of industry in suchshort time.

I lived in the flesh, was gradually deteriorating passing without realizing it, we got to see production at the current floor of 1 million bpd, after a few years ago were at 3.3 million bpd.

Deterioration hit me in the face when I touch myself make some inspections of some holes in Faja. What I discovered was to get to mourn. Drills dismantled, good God in those lonely Sheets, the only noise was not lit drill engines, winch or pipe travelers. It was the sound of the wind whistling marking a solitude that even frightened.

As an example was ransacked all trailers, ripped doors, desks stowed, hollow floors and bathrooms with only water pipes else was not. That Part of what we call accommodation.

When we tour the drill itself, such as motors, power house and ironed. The stage was total theft, the copper power cables were severed all with hacksaws. Average near 1,000 meters were sectioned in all holes even drive Top hoses that were in gangplank, gave time and pulling them taken from the ground with a truck or van.

Motor starting, instrumentation system BOPs, all ransacked. This whole scenario was predictable. No one who will take care of those holes in single sheets. It was the easiest to the underworld.

Another was the holes that are in North Monagas, just abandoned haphazardly. There is a story that made Congresswoman María Gabriela Hernández Monagas from a drill of those who was in disrepair franc, which cost him several positions to staff PCP Punta de Mata. Is more anyone can go are facilities without shelter save.

Other actions that directly affect production are lack of security operations well production services operations either Coiled Tubing, Well Testing or records. In this case the service companies, are victims of the underworld at all times to remove them cellular operators, safety boots, panties and even pottage food they take. Trucks, they remove batteries, motor oil, and rubber. Is awesome. But that’s how it is. The effect is removed from service equipment to meet the wells.

“The professional staff migrated most, there are only scholarship employing about 40 thousand for social managers”

Professional staff migrated most, there are only scholarship employing about 40 thousand for social managers. They contribute nothing to the barrel and is of them being political activists marches and rallies.

Activation production, emerged a figure far from clear calls Consortia, which gave North finger several golf Monagas and Gaza. With no experience in oil. Management personnel are all military. Unbeknownst technician in the oil sector. Discussions production projects are well-Generation perforation or secondary injection. Nothing is understood by these characters. Even in a technical discussion a Chief Military did not want to understand that talk of “declination” of a site, only that we produced. That left us perplexed, because if you do not understand that. Else about increasing production as it was understood.

That so thick, at least that is training and education. None of that exists. No money for nothing. Or for a course, or to pay for a hotel. There is no agreement with hotels, they closed the doors for nonpayment. People do not go to the areas because the per diem not reach him or shopping, all company assets damaged. so certainly it is. It’s living experience.

Another issue that gives pain is seen in the industrial company cafeterias East, either ESEM in Maturin and in other venues. It is to see a queue of pensioners to give him a plate of food. People who gave everything for this industry and retirement should be more dignified.

Demotivation for lack of a living wage, is the order of the day. A salary level for an executive level 31 are $ 25 a month, so it is. Without exaggerating. It will for others. At that initiative, creativity and commitment of most workers were lost, they were the values ​​of the old PDVSA before. That drove production.