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A Clear Path for Venezuela’s Sake  – TalCual – 20 de Noviembre 2019

The crisis in Venezuela has reached intolerable levels, so a clear path must be defined soon enough by interim President Juan Guaidó and the country’s fractured opposition in order to minimize its devastating effects

The abandonment, idleness and irresponsibility of those who rule the country have reached intolerable levels. No matter how the current administration is analyzed, all we see is the institutional collapse of the country. Nothing is left standing. The university structure is in ruins. Hospitals and clinics are destroyed in all their physical infrastructure, coupled with the lack of maintenance and medical and surgical equipment. Public schools with obvious physical deterioration and lack of education material and maintenance.

Public infrastructure, bridges, roads, highways, ports and airports are surviving in this debacle between the precariousness and apathy of a government with nonchalant attitude. The private sector is sustained with minimum effort in hopes of new opportunities to make its businesses and industries thrive.

This tragedy would be bearable if citizens occupying those spaces had decent living standards; unfortunately, this is not the case, quite on the contrary, the plight of Venezuelan citizens who depend on a wage or salary is simply unbearable. The mass exodus of people explains very well the grave situation that the majority of wage earners have to deal with. And Nicolás Maduro does not give a damn about any of this.

Reviewing the accounts of the Republic today is a cause for panic after noticing a sharp decline in oil production, the country’s main source of revenue, along with a poor income tax collection, as a result of a private sector that has seen more than 13,000 companies disappear, and many others lie idle, faced with the loss of the capital that keeps them up and running.

In the face of this dire situation, the regime finds itself sheltering behind the devalued epaulettes of a military leadership that insatiably sucks up the few sources of revenue that can still produce something. And these people are in the right places: the Orinoco mining arc, the state-owned oil giant PDVSA, the main state companies, total control over gas and other fossil fuels, main public institutions, the fisheries sector, and so on. There is nothing left for anyone else but them.

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to achieve the unity of factors that seek to change this political regime, as well as to establish a safe path to restore conditions of governance, economic balance and purchasing power of citizens in the shortest time possible.

A proposal made in Barbados that has already been fully assumed by Congress (aka National Assembly), which raises the possibility of a broad-based transitional government with the participation of all representative factors of the country, as well as holding presidential elections, overseen by a newly appointed National Electoral Council (CNE) Board of Directors, as soon as possible in order to legitimize the national leadership, clearly establishes the path that would minimize the crisis in the short term, and lay the foundations for a new democratic state of justice in the service of citizens. Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaidó has a leading role to achieve this. It is not convenient for the regime to evade it. This is certainly a clear path to be followed.

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