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Electing a New President for Venezuela is a Must – TalCual – 3 de Septiembre 2019

The election of a new president is the only option that will lead to an economic balance and political normalization in Venezuela

The situation in the country enters a delicate political stage for the lack of options from the conflicting parties involved, options that would allow a peaceful solution to the conflict in the short term. The road of Nicolás Maduro, after pulling out of talks in Barbados, forks to, on the one hand, a rapid solution to the crisis or, on the other hand, its further aggravation. The first puts him back to the negotiation table and pick up where he left off, which implies opening the possibility to an electoral solution that will legitimize the powers in a peaceful manner. The second bogs him down in a violent solution with which he will have everything to lose.

We believe that in the end he will go with the first option, because only the possibility of his support for the return of the FARC guerrilla commanders to the Colombian mountains, has turned the eyes of the world towards him and has made him real nervous. Now he is rushing back to the negotiating table just to cover his alleged solidarity with the guerrilla group.

The country’s economic, inflation and emigration problems are reaching unsustainable levels, producing greater distress over the uncertainty generated by how confusing it is an early exit to the crisis. And the regime does not stop adding fuel to the fire of uncertainty and despair that surrounds the great majority of Venezuelans sick and tired of a regime that neither governs, nor opens the possibility to others that may do so. The regime no longer cares about inventing or recycling plans in an attempt to ensnare the unwary, as they are in survival mode, clung to power.

No excuse can justify the destruction that over the past 20 years the so-called chavismo has played a leading role, cold and calculated, dashing the hopes of the vast majority of Venezuelans. No one is safe from its ineffectiveness and inability.

Barbados still has the door open for them to reflect on the situation and play by the rules so they don’t fill this country with violence. The regime looks weak despite all the pats on the back it receives from Russia.

A new president is the only option that will lead to an economic balance and political normalization. Other options do not apply and are well worn. A new president must be elected.

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