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Power, Exodus in Venezuela – TalCual/Latam Herald Tribune – 20 de julio 2018

Mass emigration has any foreign country as a destination, sometimes with the help of a friend or family member already settled down who may be able to open some doors. And getting there, as well as settling down, is usually very tough, but younger people, for example, prefer to take their chances rather than stay in Venezuela, a country that poses a threat to their lives literally every single day

A public, notorious and communicational fact is that Venezuela has become a country of mass emigration throughout the 21st century. This is not just an opinion, much less a speculation. This is, we repeat, a real fact. During most of the 20th century, Venezuela was the opposite: a country characterized by waves of mass immigration. But that is history, because during the present century the situation changed radically.

However, some wonder whether the leaders of the country’s hegemony are in favor or against the mass migration going on in Venezuela. This is an absurd question because it is obvious they agree with it. What is more, those in power are doing everything they can to increase emigration levels. On the one hand, the less people, the less demand and consumption. On top of that, those who flee the country send money in foreign currency to their families, which has some economic impact, and those same people in power always look for ways to get a part of that money in their pockets.

An important indicator is that the mass emigration of Venezuelans can be somehow seen as a “balancing of accounts,” or such accounts that contribute to “balance” things from an accounting point of view. If despite all this we are immersed in a humanitarian catastrophe, just imagine, dear reader, if the millions of Venezuelans that have already emigrated lived in Venezuela.

Moreover, it is reasonable to argue that a substantial portion of the Venezuelan expats is politically opposed to the hegemony. And this is good news for the “red” hegemony. And we lay stress on “substantial portion” because it gives the impression that emigration is becoming polychromatic. And we say this, not because of the relatives of the Bolivarian plutocracy living abroad, but because of the many people who had “illusions” with regard to the “process,” and that now cannot find either an acceptable present or much less a decent future in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan emigration is not for the most fashionable neighborhoods in Miami, or for the wealthiest sectors in Madrid or Bogota. No.

The “red” power is fueling mass exodus, and this happens only because of the red power. It is not so hard to understand.


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